Put Down Your #2 Pencils: The University of California Will Eliminate SAT/ACT Scores by 2025, Part 10

Since UC admissions officers utilize 14 Comprehensive Review Points, no one single factor determines admissions or not, instead the totality of a student’s high school experience is considered. Additionally, with Comprehensive Review, a student’s entire experience can be considered on a campus by campus basis, according to campus-specific needs. Consequently, when applicants understand each of the 14 Comprehensive Review points, they can better prepare for admissions throughout their high school years. 

While GPA, rigor and willingness to go beyond the minimum eligibility requirements, extending into the senior year, within the opportunities afforded at their specific high school and performance as compared to classmates are all Comprehensive Review points, UC admissions officers are also wanting to understand if students have a particular adeptness in a particular area of study

  • Outstanding work in one or more special projects in any academic field of study.

An applicant’s extracurricular participation and roles within those activities, assignments completed for a class or even the results of a “hobby” in their spare time can be an example of a “special project”, giving applicants maximum flexibility to demonstrate their aptitude. 

Additionally, “special projects” can also be evidence to more reasonably predict a student’s success, given their aptitude, to study in a particular academic major until graduation. While admissions officers are gatekeepers at the entrance of the university, they also seek to admit students who will eventually graduate from the university.

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