Required Math Courses Changing at the University of California (UC)

Students applying to the University of California (UC) for Fall 2022 admissions and beyond can now fulfill their third year of required mathematics with a variety of math courses, no longer required to take Integrated Math III, Algebra II or an equivalent. However, potential first year UC applicants should still take a Geometry or Geometry-equivalent course as one of their three (3) required math courses.** 

Essentially, first year applicants now have greater choice to showcase their quantitative ability. Students can take courses, such as: Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and in some cases, Computer Science as their third, “Advanced Mathematics” course. Students should review the breadth of math courses offered at their high school, as well as online course providers, like UC Scout. (See the University of California A-G Course Lists for approved courses at your high school.)

According to April Grommo, Systemwide Director of Enrollment Management Services, California State University (CSU) Office of the Chancellor, the CSU system will be similarly flexible with the third year of advanced mathematics requirements for first year applicants. In a recent email to Creative Marbles, Dr. Grommo states:

The CSU follows the UC A-G established curriculum and approvals.

Dr. Grommo also shared that the stated mathematics policy on the California State University (CSU) system website will be updated in August 2021.  

However, private universities, like the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles as well as others around the US, may continue requiring applicants to take Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3. So, students should be sure to check the admissions eligibility mathematics requirements at other public and private universities they’re considering when crafting their high school course schedules

**Note: College applicants to the UC and elsewhere are strongly encouraged to take a fourth year of mathematics, over and beyond the three years required, regardless of intended academic major in order to further demonstrate their commitment to academics throughout high school. 

Jill Yoshikawa EdM, a proud UC San Diego Alumna, counsels middle school and high school freshmen, sophomore, and junior families about eligibility for college admissions and how to navigate the complex matrix of requirements, in order to maximize their investment in their children’s college education.

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