College Admissions Decisions & Enrollment FAQs

When do I need to respond to a university about my Fall 2023 admissions?

May 1, 2023 is the general nationwide response date for all US colleges when a first year student will need to both confirm their enrollment and submit a deposit to hold their seat. 

Is my initial enrollment deposit refundable? 

Getting a refund depends on the university and if a student changes their college choice before May 1. Some colleges may refund the initial deposit if a student requests to dis-enroll before the May 1, 2023 deadline. 

For students who may receive an admissions from a waitlist AFTER May 1, choosing to dis-enroll at their first choice college, they’ll likely lose their deposit at their initial college. 

Can my student deposit and commit to more than one college before May 1, 2023? 

Admissions officers strongly discourage “double depositing”, and some may rescind the admissions if the student is discovered to be committed to more than one college.

Students can debate their options, visiting through open houses and other special programming, including virtual events, specifically for newly admitted students, taking as long as is necessary before May 1, 2023 to choose

When do I need to accept financial aid? 

The deadline to accept financial aid is also typically May 1, 2023. Generally, students must accept each financial aid item individually, reserving the right to decline particular items while accepting others. 

Please note that accepting admissions offers and accepting financial aid are two separate processes. 

Will I lose the opportunity for on-campus housing, if I wait to confirm enrollment by May 1, 2023? 

Be sure to check if all incoming students are guaranteed housing, before submitting any housing applications and housing deposits, which may not be refundable. Typically, only students who’ve confirmed their enrollment can apply for housing, which also requires a potentially non refundable enrollment deposit.

Some university housing officials open housing applications before the May 1 enrollment deadline, stating students will more likely be assigned their preferred housing choice with an earlier application. Contact housing administrators for more details and the competitiveness for one housing option over another.

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