The Spring Reality of Early Admissions: Juniors Beware

For high school juniors steadying themselves for The College Application Gauntlet, seeking any seeming advantage in the quest for an acceptance letter thus considering applying early admissions, take heed of the Class of 2023 ahead of you, especially those early applicants who’ve been denied or deferred

In fall, fueled by hope, many students rush to apply Early Admissions, craving any resemblance of reassurance that an acceptance letter is forthcoming. Many believe that “demonstrating their commitment” especially by applying Single Choice or Restrictive Early Action, as well as Early Decision, they’re more likely to be admitted

Many deny the possibility of denial or at the very least, minimize the possibility of being denied. And, as for being deferred, most students don’t even know the term. (A deferred applicant will be reconsidered for admissions in the Regular Decision pool, receiving a final decision in March of senior year.)

Few investigate the historical trends of early admissions at any particular school, nor ask questions about why college admissions officers have an early admissions policy at all. Thus, many impetuously “game” the process, coveting an acceptance, rather than methodically considering how they can most effectively transition to adulthood and seek the greatest value in their college education. 

But, now, in the starkness of Spring, as Yale has increased the number of denials to 67% of all Single Choice Early Action applicants, University of Michigan announced “postponements”, and University of Southern California admissions officers automatically deferred 94% to Regular Decision (denying no early applicants), many students are second guessing their early admissions choices. 

Thus, Class of 2024 current high school juniors, let not your older colleagues’ experience be in vain, for you will be them in one short year, lamenting or celebrating, enveloped in emotion, while the complexities of maturing into adulthood still await you.

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