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I’m Only Here for the Old Brick Buildings


About the author: Ashley is in the midst of her first year at Oregon State University, just finishing her second quarter to be exact. It is week nine and I’m tired as a brick. I say brick because I’m surrounded by these beautiful brick buildings that are mostly what get me to class on gray-sky …


College Admissions: Controlled Chaos

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How college applicants view college admissions officers   And, how college applicants view themselves: Then, how parents of college applicants feel: For all, Sir Winston Churchill offers sage advice: ‘Cuz in the end:   Related PostsQuality in Education isn’t an Entitlement The ‘Tweet and a Quarter College Essay 183,272 Carpe Diem Where is the “Middle” …


College Admissions Season is Now Open

Is she mad? She just ate her first pop-tart! Related PostsCONGRATULATIONS! Guest Post: A First Year Reflection From Reluctance, Blossoms an Impassioned Papa General Thinking According To Google Trends Prudent Fiscal Planning (Part 4): To Save, Or Not To Save That Is The Question


Leaving the nest

About the Author: Joe is a member of the Creative Marbles Consultancy and the Hubbubbaloo Creative team. He shares his experience transitioning into his first year of college away from home.   Sacramento was my bubble, it was all I really knew.  My life was school, having fun with friends, and large Filipino family functions—a weekly …


Best or Worst U.S. States to Live for Health

Looking to move to or prospect for a college in some far away, unfamiliar state, and weighing the costs and benefits of living in said state?  Perhaps, the following “Health Risks By Area” chart, pinpointing five health risks by state, may help in those difficult “which state to live in (temporarily or permanently)” discussions. Related PostsThe Student …


College in the Twenty-First Century

A short poem about the millennial college experience. College seems like a given Through tournaments and mom’s taxi service driving here and there Research papers that almost were not Finished only in the minutes before the school day began Yet, endured for the promise of one day Over yonder, a good job and a move away The …


College Transportation Blues?

A car, insurance, gas, general maintenance for wear and tear (not to mention possible tickets) and time lost trying to find parking can be a hassle for most college students. To save money (or because of a university bans freshmen from bringing cars for their first year), students have for years chosen to rely on …