2021 Creative Marbles’ Educational Retainer Offerings Continued

As no two families are the same, we offer a diverse range of advising options for parents and students to retain our counsel, which were first introduced in the Elite and Selective Tiers. The following offerings in the Preparatory Tier backstop a families’ efforts with strategic, poignant guidance at timely intervals, utilizing the totality of experience as educators for the past two decades

We seek to moderate the, at times, intense conversations families often have regarding the topic of college, accordingly we advise each individual family member addressing their unique concerns, eventually building a consensus amongst varying viewpoints so families invest wisely in a student’s higher education.


Strategic guidance delivered at timely intervals for seniors who are either attempting to complete college applications with limited complexity and modest selectivity or for those who although are completing more rigorous and selective applications, can collaborate with our expert advisors in sporadic, yet advantageous confabs to effectively complete the college application process. 

In addition, CMC’s advisors also counsel parents about how to best support their children’s educational goals, often dispelling college admissions myths heard from other parents, while providing accurate and up-to-date information about the admissions process, lessening the risks of strategic missteps from inexperience.



For students and parents who retain CMC’s experts to either confirm or if needed, help revise their college admissions strategy to avoid costly mistakes. We advise clients strategically, dictated by the cyclicality of the admissions process on issues ranging from application support to college selections to editorial assistance, as needed. Furthermore, through rigorous questioning as a guided self-reflection during the college essay writing process, CMC’s experts help applicants clarify their autobiographical narratives, as well as help resolve writer’s blocks, again as needed.

We advise students and parents around the US—Honolulu to Seattle to Kansas City to Houston to Atlanta. Contact us for more details about how we can assist your family while making the complex investment in modern higher education.

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About Jill Yoshikawa, Ed M, Partner of Creative Marbles Consultancy

Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, Harvard ’99, a seasoned, 25 year educator and consultant, is meticulous in helping clients navigate all aspects of the educational experience, no matter the level of complexity. She combines educational theory with experience to advise families, schools and educators. A UCSD and Harvard graduate, as well as a former high school teacher, Jill works tirelessly to help her clients succeed.
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