Introducing our Fall 2021 Educational Retainers: The Selective Tier

To assist the diversity of high school seniors and their families as they seek the greatest value in higher education, we offer a variety of retainers which are a culmination of our nearly twenty years of practice as educational consultants, as well as our understanding of the current trends in education. 

Seeking higher education isn’t simply filling in boxes with biographical information, listing extracurricular activities, as well as drafting a few uncomplicated written statements, like a school assignment. Applying to college is a thoughtful, thorough inventory of a young person’s life to ascertain the meaning of their experiences in order to define and succinctly elucidate their aptitude in insightful, well-crafted autobiographical statements

As such, for families and students in need of professional and seasoned guides who can counsel both parents and students strategically throughout the college admissions process, which includes guided reflections, as well as robust editorial support while crafting increasingly strategic, yet complicated autobiographical application essays, we offer two more educational retainer choices as part of our Selective Tier consulting.


For students applying to numerous colleges with robust, complicated applications—multiple autobiographical essays per application, admissions interviews, and letters of recommendation, requiring increased scrutiny to parse the nuances of an applicant’s qualifications for admissions—we recommend our Prime Retainer

Having ready-access to seasoned advisors, students are assured of having their views and assumptions rigorously challenged in a timely manner, crucial for rendering critical analysis to provide detailed insights, and progress consistently in completing quality college applications. 

Furthermore, parents, in an effort to support their children’s educational pursuits, yet seeking to mitigate potential contention typical of the parent-teenage relationship, entrust CMC’s objective advisors to effectively manage the college application process from beginning to end.



For parents, whose children are applying to colleges with average application complexity and thus the concomitant level of admissions selectivity, endeavoring to minimize risk of strategic missteps and college malinvestment, we recommend Distinguished College Application Guidance retainer. 

CMC’s experts will guide seniors through a rigorous self-reflection process essential for crafting insightful autobiographical college essays. Furthermore, applicants can also discover their aptitude, an awareness that will become the compass needed to seek out opportunities in college and throughout their life.Additionally, our seasoned advisors moderate conversations, counseling parents and students in reaching a consensus regarding their student’s college plans, as well as manage the intricacies of the college application process.

We advise families throughout the United States and internationally, contact us for more details about how Creative Marbles experts can assist your family. 

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Jill Yoshikawa, EdM, Harvard ’99, a seasoned, 25 year educator and consultant, is meticulous in helping clients navigate all aspects of the educational experience, no matter the level of complexity. She combines educational theory with experience to advise families, schools and educators. A UCSD and Harvard graduate, as well as a former high school teacher, Jill works tirelessly to help her clients succeed.
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