Essential Advice for High School Juniors & their Families: Applying to College—Phase 2

The following is the second installment of our blog series for high school juniors turned rising high school seniors in preparing for the college application process.

During Spring of a high school junior year, families are conscientiously selecting colleges for application to reduce the risk of educational malinvestment. To guide the selection process, students should embark on a thorough self-reflection, which continues through the college essay writing process, especially if supported by experienced guides

Armed with greater self-awareness, students, working with their families can discriminatingly choose colleges, as well as prepare and submit applications. Since a college application is a request for admissions, each student is providing an argument why they’re not only qualified for admissions, but also can be a contributing member to the unique university community.

While the actual deadlines to submit college applications range from November 1 through (roughly) February 1 of the senior year, families can prudently discuss their roles and how they’ll work together during the application process. 

Some questions to guide the discussions: 

Regarding college essays

  • Do parents expect to read their student’s personal statements and college essays, offering writing advice, and why? 
  • Will the student seek their parents’ advice about writing their life’s story and why? 

Working Together: 

  • Do parents share a similar workstyle as their student? If not, what are potential conflicts? How will families resolve such challenges? 

When families openly discuss how they’ll collaborate together, then they can determine any additional guidance needed. They’ll also reduce the complexity of the already-complex college application process, reducing the risk of untimely, strategic missteps. Thus students and parents will gain peace of mind, knowing all possible was done to potentially merit a college acceptance of the student’s choice.

For over twenty years, Creative Marbles experts have moderated family conversations regarding complex educational decisions, lending our expertise to reduce the risk of malinvestment. For more information, contact us.

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