Unlocking the University of California Application Essay Prompt #2

The most effective communication model yet may be when all parties involved are actively participating. When clarifications are needed, it is naturally asked and answered as many times deemed necessary. Now best communication practices aside, what happens when person A, someone from someplace–an admissions officer–with his/her sum of experiences, is to read person B’s essay,…

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“My Student is Average. Where Can She/He Get In?”

First, “average” doesn’t mean “not admissible to any college, anywhere.”  What is  important for an “average” (and I use “average” loosely) student and their family is the college selection process–just as important as for EVERY student wanting to go to college.    The selection process for the “average” student may include a different scrutiny of…

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Guest Post: Where to Start on the College Essay

Rohan is a current Freshman at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.  He offers the following essay drafting suggestions, after his experiences last fall writing several dozen college application essays from October through January. ______________________ The best advice I could give is just to start writing, whether that be in the form of a…

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Financial Aid Myths: Fact & Fiction

Soccer field sidelines are filled with parents sharing their college expense stories and sometimes “nightmares” that can create misinformation circulating through the community.    Depending on the listening parent’s effort to validate or debunk the information gleaned can determine how useful the shared experience will be in guiding their own children. Here’s a few common myths:

Reverse Study Abroad: International Students in the U.S.

Before choosing a college in the U.S. understand not only the educational and academic experience, understand the social environment of the university and its location.  Understanding how the local community will support and incorporate international diversity can help students transition and focus on their academic pursuits. U.S. students consider the same issues when choosing colleges…

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