Put Down Your #2 Pencils: The University Of California Will Eliminate SAT/ACT Scores By 2025, Part 11

University of California (UC) applicants are evaluated according to 14 different Comprehensive Review points, for which no one criteria is weighted more heavily than another. Thus, students’ talents and strengths can be more fairly identified when evaluating their admissions to the UC. 

Ten of the fourteen Comprehensive Review points concern academic performance, validating the importance of demonstrating intellectual ability. Yet, UC admissions officers also recognize that not every student matures on the same schedule or regard during their high school years, thus Comprehensive Review point #10:

Recent, marked improvement in academic performance, as demonstrated by academic GPA and the quality of coursework completed or in progress.

In other words, if students showed improvement in their academic grades each school year from freshman through junior year or stayed consistent in their performance, then UC admissions officers are more reasonably assured that students have the ability and commitment to successfully matriculate through a UC curriculum. 

Additionally, as “coursework” will also be assessed, if students take more advanced classes each year in high school, they can demonstrate both their willingness to be challenged academically, as well as their motivation to continue studying a particular subject. Then, in conjunction with understanding a student’s “Outstanding performance in one or more academic subject areas”, applicants can demonstrate their interest and aptitude in a particular subject. 

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