A chance for real education reform borne from the struggle with COVID exists today

As millions of students (and their parents) discovered the potential of learning from home during the COVID-induced dispersion of entire schools into an educational diaspora, some lessons learned will endure. As we recall students and teachers onto campuses, attempting to reconnect school communities, an opportunity for real innovation in education dawns, though not without struggle.

In response to Ms. Washington’s inquiry, one parent shares:

Once again differentiated instruction, given the needs of each student, becomes evident, especially when some students are anxious to learn amidst a crowd. However, in crowded classrooms, teachers are as much referee as they are instructor, so students like Ms. Mangan’s son will once again be confronted to “speak up or possibly be overlooked” a potentially difficult environment for learning.

K-12 educators won’t be alone in differentiating instruction as college students are similarly benefitting from defining their own terms for learning:


Virtual learning can provide educational alternatives to serve the diverse learning needs of students. And, teachers having already climbed the steep learning curve in transitioning to a virtual classroom can continue innovating the delivery of the educational product.

However, some school districts are already debating whether to continue providing virtual/remote learning as an option, while New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy unequivocally banned all school districts from offering virtual learning options, and New York City Mayor de Blasio followed suit. Or it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks

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