Post-Pandemic Innovation in Education a Real Possibility

During the last fifteen months of living a pandemic disrupted experience, kids experienced unstructured days amidst distance learning and suspension of regularly scheduled activities. Simply seeking to stave off boredom, many (re)discovered talents.  

Perhaps a break from running on the hamster wheel of modern family life, chasing prosperity was just what we needed. Pandemics throughout history have disrupted, short-circuiting the status quo, yet often ushering in a prolonged period of innovation and prosperity, and this pandemic most definitely rhymes with past scourges. 

Students who discovered the benefits of guided learning, yet distanced from the constraints of crowd learning in the classroom, may now demand greater academic freedom post pandemic: a learning environment most suited to their inherent style of learning, and an autonomy necessary to continue discovering more about their aptitude in order to prosper, not just survive.

Alternately, students may seek to free themselves from excessive and often unjustified afterschool and weekend scheduled activities, and instead meander through their own self-directed “extracurricular” activity. Both adept at traversing through the School of YouTube and other internet based resources, as well as mature enough to devise projects and other experiences, students can gain greater confidence in their own aptitude

As we creep out of our pandemic-induced sequestering, we don’t have to immediately boomerang to what wasidolizing pre-COVID educational life. We can consciously curate our own normal, incorporating the best of what was with courageously imagining what can be. We don’t just need to live through history, we can make history and all be the better for it. 

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