What comes after the COVID Pandemic

Often, through these past 24 months living a thoroughly disrupted modern life, retreating from large gatherings, trying to avoid the infection of a floating piece of RNA, we have glimpsed imperfect awareness in quiet moments, comparing life: pre-COVID and now during COVID, while impatiently anticipating post-COVID life, like wishing the microwave was faster. 

And, those flashes of truth, the steady undercurrent, buried beneath everyday neurosis, is the silver lining in the otherwise dark clouds of the COVID pandemic, a chance to reflect and revise the course of our lives, if needed, as we try to make sense, especially for the young, of the complexity of our collective response to safeguard from disease, which altered their coming of age process. 

Ask, “Why?” of yourselves, of your kids, of anyone, then be quiet and listen for the answer. Maybe we’ll collectively gain understanding, which can be a foundation for resolving the complex global economic, political, environmental, and social issues we face in the post pandemic era.

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